Reboot of the portfolio

With the purchase of my new apartment is my noted portfolio zeroed out and I will start to rebuild the portfolio again. Actually is it not that bad, a reboot of the portfolio to look over the allocation rules and where to invest is kind of needed after a while.

I will have a new allocation. Skipping the set up of growth (Saverajus) versus value (Investacus). I will instead divided it in core positions (Investacus, 65%), long shots (Saverajus, high valuation and high growth) and value cases (30%), and Deadpool the moon shots (5%).

The aim will be to have 8 positions in Investacus and 8 positions in Saverajus, while the Deadpool portfolio does not have any limitations on how many positions.

This allows me to have more flexibility and for me to weigh up more in high conviction cases, but still keep a enough big number of positions to still my interest and to reap the benefit of both long shots and value cases. 16 positions is a big shrinkage of positions compared to 120 positions 5-6 years ago.

Than i will focus on following sectors to find cases, as I find I can them well enough and pockets in the market that are fueled by a underlying growth so the risk of me not making a profit are slimer.




Cyber security


One area that I don’t have any knowledge in but I want to increase my circle competence to is the medtech sector, I have acknowledge that the sector has high barriers of entry, a lot of growth left due to the medical sector being behind on digitalization, and not least of all very good moats.

If you have any suggestion of reading material and cases with in medtech to read please share it with me, I love to dig in to this sector.

Investacus Saverajus

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